Navatman's Mahabharata

Of Vengeance and Promises

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Navatman's Mahabharata Part One: Of Vengeance & Promises

With Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Carnatic & Hindustani music, join Navatman in its largest project of the decade - a dance theater film retelling the largest epic in the world, The Mahabharata. 

The time is now

The Mahabharata film provides audiences an opportunity to overcome bias and celebrate cultural pride and respect.

Cultural Bias

To overcome cultural bias, one must empathize with "the other": our art, our heritage.

Cultural Pride

To embolden cultural pride, we tell our stories from new perspectives and in new mediums.

Cultural Respect

To foster cultural respect, we seek out those who will listen.

Have questions? We got you!

The team answers some frequently asked questions so you can understand the project better

What is it?

This is a 2 hour dance feature film, the first of a three parts combining Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Carnatic & Hindustani music to recreate the largest epic in the world, The Mahabharata.The film uses spoken word in English combined with theater storytelling traditions from India.

How can I watch it?

In person: at this time, the only in person invite is to our gala premiere on November 6th! This is an invitation only event

Online: November 20th - for loyal fans of Navatman, we have a release date of November 20th. You'll get a handwritten thank you note from our staff as well! You will be given a code/link to access the film, which you can activate at any time for 48 hours to watch (or rewatch!)

Online: December 20th - grab these tickets if you can wait that long! You will be given a code/link to access the film, which you can activate at any time for 48 hours to watch (or rewatch!)

Why now?

The Mahabharata is a vast treasure trove of stories filled with action, adventure, laughter, and wisdom - relevant even to these contemporary times! We have tried to recreate a larger-than-life epic on a dance canvas with an amalgamation of classical dance, music, and martial arts. 

This film is our impact on the world: to pass down a Mahabharata that is ever-changing, versatile, and relevant and that which does not belong to one tradition, religion, or group of people!


Dancers, musicians and academics from different parts of the United States have come together to make this film after training meticulously for months to understand the complex characters in the epic. 

Can I watch it from anywhere?

Once you purchase, you will receive 2 links: one to extra character information, behind the scenes footage and more. A second link will hold the rental of the film, which you can activate at anytime, from anywhere all over the world to watch.

Will I understand it?

In many ways, the Mahabharata by Navatman is just like a regular movie. There is spoken dialogue, in English. Hand gestures from Indian theater methods are used in place of props, and as in traditional Indian theater, male and females can play both character roles. But the costumes help elucidate it all!

Is it in English?

Yes! The spoken word is in English and the dances are danced storytelling. But you’d be surprised how much you can understand from a singular gaze or movement!

Is there any material that will help me understand the film better?

The Mahabharata is confusing! Let us help decipher some of these stories with behind the scenes info on how it all comes together which you will begin receiving after your purchase.

Still got questions?

Email us at

Our Progress So Far

Our project is split into:

A 3-part stage production and a 3-part film production

Part 1 (Stage): Successfully released at Symphony Space in New York, October 2019

Part 1 (Film): Premiered at SVA Theater in November 2021. Selling online to audiences worldwide

Part 2 (Stage): Planned release in Fall 2022

Part 2 (Film): Release TBD; planning in motion

Part 3 (Stage): Planned release in Fall 2023

Part 3 (Film): Release TBD; planning in motion

Learn more about our process

The Cast

Sahasra Sambamoorthi

Artistic director, artist

Samyukta Ranganathan

Music director, artist

Archana Raja


Krupaa Lakshmi


Lavanya Jagirdhar

Scriptwriter, artist

Mitali Sonar


Meghana Murthy


Moon Ghera


Pallab Kar


Pooja Ganesh


Prachi Ghera


Priyanka Raghuraman


Ruchi Tandon


Samantha Manoharan


Shiva Iyer


Uditha Thiagarajan



Child Artist


Child Artist


Child Artist


Child Artist


Child Artist


Child Artist

Film Crew

Chun Fung Kevin Chiu

Director of Photography and Editor

Diego Las Heras

Sound Mixer

Brea Kerzee


Leo Frias


Cassandra Clarke


"I love this concept of retelling the Mahabharata through the Indian classical dance narrative - it's indeed the coming together of two glorious traditions of our cultural heritage. Totally commend your efforts in showcasing these to the world and giving them the focus they deserve! Wishing the entire team at Navatman, good luck and success."

Meghana Joshi



Mr. Harish Raghavan

Gold Supporter

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council