Enclosed within: a program that fulfills your lifelong wish to learn bharatanatyam or kathak
Enclosed within: a program that fulfills your lifelong wish to learn bharatanatyam or kathak

Enclosed within: a program that fulfills your lifelong wish to learn bharatanatyam or kathak

Unleash your inner dancer and conquer daily chaos with Navatman’s at-home Bharatanatyam course. Dive into the enchanting world of Indian dance, on your terms, anytime, anywhere.

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Finally...A way for you to learn bharatanatyam no matter your age, time commitment, or location.

Have you always dreamed to dance bharatanatyam but thought it was:

- too late to start

- your injuries were too much

- you were too old

- were nervous about your first class

- it might take away too much time from your family

- couldn't find the right teacher

- there was no easy access to a teacher

- or it was going to be too much of a time commitment?

At Navatman we propel those interested in learning bharatanatyam and kathak to learn with integrity and precision while also finding the peace they have always longed for through dance.

Unlimited access
Unlimited access

Access to courses plus every class over 2 years - thousands of hours of material

Critically acclaimed choreographies
Critically acclaimed choreographies

Watch, learn, teach choreographies and combinations only available at Navatman

Same Training as Award Winners
Same Training as Award Winners

Students of Navatman win national and global competitions, and perform professionally. 

Watch it live
Watch it live

Access to 4 livestream classes per month plus support from us anytime

Critical theory
Critical theory

Access to philosophies and histories taught only in a few schools

Go deeper
Go deeper

Understand the deeper spirituality of Indian arts

Course catalog:

Click through to see the 50+ courses we have available

[Navatman is]...a central force in classical Indian dance and music

Lavanya M

It's never too late
I was apprehensive, but saw how genuine it was
It's rare to find something like this
I've forgotten how happy it makes me
The best and largest community
It's never too late

I was uncertain whether it is too late to learn a dance form or will I ever be able to perform on stage. But, you assured me it's never too late, and that learning art and dance is possible at any age if we are willing to do so.


I was apprehensive, but saw how genuine it was

This is the age when people way back in India also teach just for...commercial purpose...But, I am so glad to know...you and Navatman...continue to be so devoted/fanatical about it.


It's rare to find something like this

I've tried many different studios and Navatman is just unparalleled. The staff are attentive and rigorous in their teaching method...It's rare to find a dance school run in such thoughtful ways...


I've forgotten how happy it makes me

I'm picking up dance again because I've forgotten how happy it genuinely makes me... Navatman your online class library makes it possible for me to learn kathak again!


The best and largest community

Navatman is the best and largest community for Bharatnatyam dance (and other Indian classical art forms) that I have found in Manhattan, and the teachers are so talented. Navatman caters to students that are new to Bharatnatyam, all the way to professionals.


Frequently Asking Questions

Is this the right fit for me?

2 questions: do you have a great teacher in your area?

Do you have time to commit to practice regularly and attend class regularly?

If either of the answers above is no, then yes, this is the perfect fit for you.

Firstly, a good online library is better than a poor teacher. A poor teacher can cause injury, mental frustrations, and more.

Secondly, our classes include 1:1 instruction even through our online portal that is designed with modules and learning with flexibility in mind. So you sacrifice none of the training!

Will my learning be watered down learning online?

It has benefits and disadvantages like anything else.


Learning online allows you to start very slowly, at your own pace, and not just dump yourself suddenly into a huge committed learning program. So far folks who find the most benefits:

  • people with busy schedules

  • people who cannot fully commit who want to learn slowly

  • those nervous about joining a classroom (this tends to happen with those who have heavy trauma in their lives)

  • those who are injured and cannot keep up with the pace of the classroom

It also gives you:

  • access to lessons to repeat

  • has lessons in there you can learn right away that sometimes I do not teach live for years

  • more theory based learning

    I tend to find you have a better overall understanding of bharatanatyam if you follow the online modules and emails closely


  1. No during the class feedback and mentorship:

    • I find it lacks just one thing: immediate feedback and a teacher who changes the course according to what they see you do. I on the spot will change things in the class based on what I'm seeing that day - energy levels, etc.

      HOWEVER! I am happy to watch your videos in the community section or answer any and all questions online. So you still get feedback and mentorship, just in a different way!

  2. No super high quality perfectly image captured videos!

    • I have only taken a few videos with 4K quality - the vast majority are cuts from my classes and so what you're seeing is the zoom quality of the video. While this is something I hope to change, the true content is our quality of teaching, not how beautiful the picture is - and since our zoom students are still winning awards, I would say this is really just a "feel good" thing not a necessary thing to learning! 

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. In fact, we have our 60 day money back guarantee, so even if you forget, you can email us to do so.

Can I take classes live on zoom or in person instead?

Yes! This program includes one to one training and live classes if you want them!

Limited time offer: Free 14 day trial

Free 14 day trial