The Mahabharata

Of Vengeance and Promises

By Navatman

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This is the Mahabharata

The largest epic in the world covers concepts of caste, gender, humanity, in ways we could not fathom. Telling this epic is one of the biggest projects a team of storytellers can take on in their life. Many give up trying to understand the magnitude of what is covered. And the Navatman team is taking it on, providing:

  • New interpretations of the often told story.

  • Unexplored or quiet connections of gender, equality, caste.

  • Creating empathy in the world around us.

  • Expanding perspective for the next generation.

  • Representing cultural spaces of music and dance from the diaspora into the European world.

The time is now

The Mahabharata film provides audiences an opportunity to overcome bias and celebrate cultural pride and respect.

Cultural Bias

To overcome cultural bias, one must empathize with "the other": our art, our heritage.

Cultural Pride

To embolden cultural pride, we tell our stories from new perspectives and in new mediums.

Cultural Respect

To foster cultural respect, we seek out those who will listen.

Our Progress So Far

Our project is split into 2 trilogies: A 3-part stage production and 3-part film production

Part 1 (Stage): Successfully released at Symphony Space in New York, October 2019

Part 1 (Film): Filming in Summer with an anticipated Fall 2021 Release

Part 2 (Stage): Planned release in Fall 2022

Part 2 (Film): Release TBD; planning in motion

Part 3 (Stage): Planned release in Fall 2023

Part 3 (Film): Release TBD; planning in motion

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Navatman is the gold standard

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New Release-15 MAY 2021

The Mahabharata:
Mini Series

Experience the unknown The die is cast. Fate is driving towards us, and there's no stopping her.